An Alternative to Wood

tectonic plate image
James Thurman's Tectonic Plate
If you have been turning projects out of wood for a while you may wonder what other materials can be used. Acrylics are quite common today, but mostly for small items, such as pens, and as highlights in wood turnings.

If you are an AAW member you should soon be receiving the April issue of the American Woodturner, the official publication of the AAW. This issue has not one, but two articles on using paper as a turning medium.

The first discusses the use of newspaper and does not use any glues or epoxies in the paper. The other demonstrates the use books and other types of paper for creating turning blanks called Mokume Kami.

Here is a teaser of the latter. This video was produced by James Thurman, the author of the second article and shows how he utilizes recycled nautical maps to make a platter.


If you are woodturner and not already a member of the AAW you should consider joining. Besides the six issues annually of the American Woodturner, there are many other great benefits.