AAW Benefits

Note – The following is an excerpt from the latest AAW Newsletter

Mention the AAW and many will wholeheartedly agree that receiving American Woodturner is the primary benefit. But how many are aware of the full complement of benefits and services that come with a membership in the AAW? Just a partial listing illustrates the breadth of features, including the opportunity to apply for an Educational Opportunity Grant (up to $1,000 for individuals, and $1,500 for our local chapters and other organizations); receiving $1M in liability insurance while you are participating in official activities endorsed by the AAW and when participating in official local chapter business; online access to the entire portfolio, over 26 years, of American Woodturner and other educational materials; the ability to list your work for sale on the AAW website; and members-only access to the educational programming at our national symposiums, among many more benefits.

We deeply appreciate the efforts of our members to encourage other turners to join the AAW, and we hope that you will continue that support by referring others to our website for membership information.